Join the movement to #FixTheFlow of resources - for good.

The philanthropic funding system is broken. So what can we do about it?

Transforming our world for the better cannot happen without the social impact sector. 

But, this sector depends on resources that don’t flow when and where they are most needed. There are leaks, blockages and cracks across all parts of the philanthropic funding system that are hampering true, long-lasting change

That’s where fundraisers and grant givers - what we call resource activists - come in. 

We have a critical job: organising giving and acting as bridges and advocates between those with resources, and those who can catalyse them into impact. 

  • But fundraisers are often competing with peers for a too-small pool of funders, struggling with too few people on teams, and facing mistrust and misconceptions about their craft, cause and competency. 
  • And funders are often competing with colleagues for too-small grants budgets, struggling to influence change within their institutions, and facing judgements and high expectations from their boards, managers and grantees.

The game is rigged. Learning the art and science of these professions is part of the solution - but there are some bigger challenges that can't (and shouldn’t) be solved alone.

So, we are building a movement of resource activists want to learn to not only play the game, but also change the game. 

Our solution is the #FixTheFlow Fellowship, a 6-month programme and alumni community that provides coaching, training, systems-change projects, and exclusive access to a global online peer network. It is an experience that provides education, transformation, and personal & professional growth. 

Together we can #FixTheFlow of resources - for good.

"I credit this Fellowship for helping us at SAFE not only meet but exceed our 2023 fundraising goals." - Mara Clarke, Co-Founder of Supporting Abortions for Everyone (SAFE), C1 #FixTheFlow Fellow

"I'm thinking differently about my power and ability to influence the funding landscape. Usually, I don't see myself as someone who has much power." Cohort 2 #FixTheFlow Fellow

About I.G. Advisors

The #FixTheFlow Fellowship has been created by I.G. Advisors, an award-winning global strategy consultancy specialising in social and environmental change. 

We have worked with 200+ nonprofits and foundations, and 3,500+ fundraising and grantmaking professionals, in 60+ different countries, who are responsible for organising the flow of more than £100 billion in resources for good.

You might know us from our What Donors Want podcast, our free Relationship-Based Fundraising Field Guide which we built with fundraisers from around the globe, or our Impact + Grow Leadership Lab

“I'm always energised by the experience. How the information is packaged and the tools provided are different to what I’ve seen before” - Cohort 2 #FixTheFlow Fellow

#FixTheFlow Is Unique 

With tracks for Emerging and Senior Fellows who are either Fundraisers or Funders, this is not your average professional development programme. 

#FixTheFlow Fellows have access to incredible speakers and trainers, including I.G.’s team of highly experienced consultants and facilitators, as well as a community of peers all committed to changing and thriving within the funding system. 

It’s the first of its kind because it’s:

  • Global - With 20 countries so far - 40% outside the global north - we learn from different contexts.
  • Real Community - This is one of the kindest, liveliest and most inspiring communities. Every question gets answered.
  • Blended - Bringing together grant makers and fundraisers of all levels of seniority to truly learn and collaborate.
  • Space to Dream - Accountability, support and momentum to do the big picture thinking you never have time for.

"I always come away feeling energised and motivated! It’s also such a supportive group of Fellows. Thank you!!" - Cohort 1 #FixTheFlow Fellow

The 6-month Fellowship programme is a unique and unforgettable experience. It includes coaching, training and systems-change projects for Senior and Emerging Fellows that create impact at four different levels:

  1. Individual - Where we work with you on your personal development. Enhancing your craft, your confidence, and your commitment.

  2. Organisational - Where we help you to identify your pain points and goals, and set you up for success when driving impact within your workplace, no matter your job title.

  3. Sectoral - Where we bring together cohorts of fundraisers or funders who face similar challenges, to do action learning together and create community.

  4. Systemic - Where we collectively define the areas of the funding system that need to change, and develop collaborative action plans and special projects together. 

"A lightbulb moment every five minutes. So many practical, actionable, amazing tips that I can see myself benefiting from SO much. I loved how many takeaways I can immediately implement." - Cohort 1 #FixTheFlow Fellow

The #FixTheFlow Experience

The #FixTheFlow Fellowship is a finely honed programme for Senior and Emerging Fellows that provides exclusive, affordable access to over £20,000 worth of coaching, training, and special projects. Your experience includes: 

  • Learning Sessions - Theory and practice sessions on the core skills of fundraising and grant making

  • Masterclasses - From sector experts, diving deep into specialist topics

  • Systems Change Workshops - Training to develop Action Projects to #FixTheFlow

  • Peer Power Sessions - With an intimate cohort to address your organisational challenges

  • Individual Coaching - An expert I.G. coach to support individual learning 

  • Online Community - Find recordings, advice, action projects and connection

  • Access to I.G.’s Expertise (& Discounts) - Expertise and insights from our team and network, and discounts on other I.G. services, including coaching and strategies

"It was a really nice energy from the beginning. Emily was great at ensuring a calm and engaging environment, and a flowing and generative discussion." - Cohort 1 #FixTheFlow Fellow

Who Is It For?

This is a global Fellowship programme with two separate strands designed for: 

  • Fundraisers focused on high-value audiences (e.g, trusts, foundations, corporates and individual major donors). 
  • Funders doing grant making or programme management within Foundations (e.g. family foundations, corporate foundations, public foundations)

For each cohort we seek diversity of experience, thought, cause area and geography. Each cohort will include:

  • Senior Fellows: Seasoned grant making or fundraising professionals with over five years experience, currently in management or leadership roles, who want to raise their game, as well as change the game.
  • Emerging Fellows: Ambitious grant making or fundraising professionals in the first five years of their grant making or fundraising career who want to enhance their skills as well as be part of a movement of peers.

Feedback from our current Fellows shows huge improvements in: confidence in their ability to do their job effectively, energy and motivation for their role, connection to other fundraisers and funders, and feeling more empowered to change the funding system overall. More specifically: 

  • 85% feel more energised and confident in their job roles
  • 1/2 have progressed to more senior or specialist roles within their organisations
  • 84% feel more connected to peers in their sectors and 98% feel less alone
  • 67% feel more empowered to change the funding system and ‘do things differently’
  • 100% feel the tools and learnings are applicable to their day to day work

“Some phenomenal techniques & activities - ones to bring to my organisation and to think about in my role” - Cohort 1 #FixTheFlow Fellow

The Investment

  • Individual Access - The plans for each type of individual Fellowship can be viewed in more detail below by selecting the plan that is right for your role and experience level. These range from £1,000 - £4,000. Monthly payment plans are available by emailing [email protected]
  • Discounts Available - Discounts are offered for I.G. clients, lone fundraisers and packages of 5+ places. Just email [email protected] and we'll send you your own personalised application link. 
  • Package Deals Available - Funders can subsidise multiple individual Fellows (from your staff team and/or your grantee portfolio) to join the Fellowship programme, ensuring accessibility of the programme, and collaboration between your nominated Fellows. Packages range from 5 - 20 places. Just email [email protected] and we'll develop a package for you. 
  • Bespoke Cohorts Available - Build a bespoke experience for your staff or grantees, securing access to our Fellowship programme and co-designing new specialist modules and experiences for the issues (e.g. climate, gender, leadership) that are important to you. Bespoke Cohorts are 20 - 100 places. Just email [email protected] and we'll develop a bespoke cohort with you. 

“This year The Movements Trust recommended individuals to attend the #FixTheFlow fellowship. We feel the philanthropy sector often overlooks the chance to fund professional development and core team costs. #FixTheFlow was perfect for a youth organisation wanting to learn about fundraising and philanthropy, and the skills and experience will last them a lifetime. How’s that for a return on investment!” - Sarah Greenfield Clark, The Movements Trust

How To Apply

Applications for the next Cohort of Fellows (starting 1 Jul 2024) are now open! 

Click 'Choose Plan' to select your chosen Fellowship, and complete the short application form. 

The application deadline is 21 June 2024.

Have questions? Need another way to pay? Ask away at [email protected]

Not ready to become a Fellow yet? Express your interest for future cohorts by emailing [email protected].

“I now know that I’m not the only one struggling, and this is a new door to new opportunities.” - Cohort 2 #FixTheFlow Fellow


Will the Fellowship be entirely online? 

The core programme will be, but where Fellows are local to each other, we can support regional meet ups if there is interest in that. It will depend on the make-up of each cohort, but it's intended as a global programme and so virtual will be the default (for now!).

How can we really create change in a system where a lot of power is held unequally? 

Great question! At I.G., we do a lot of work on both the funder and nonprofit sides of the equation, and we often find ourselves being the voice for 'the other side' in the conversation about shifting power. We want to use our positioning and experience to create a movement around resource activism, bringing together actors from all sides of the funding system, and creating the infrastructure needed for everyone to collaborate effectively, and dream big. Exactly what this could look like is wide-open; as a Fellowship we create it together. We could create a campaign, start a new initiative, partner with other initiatives in the sector, advocate for specific changes or policies, produce content or media together, and so much more.

Will fundraising and funder Fellows work together, and if so, how will you manage the power dynamics of this space?

Our vision for this Fellowship has always been to bring fundraisers and funders together for systems change - as we know that’s the only route to true, sustainable progress. We also acknowledge the inevitable power dynamics across these stakeholders. In the systems change part of the Fellowship, we bring together both groups of Fellows, and we’ll have ground rules in place to ensure everyone is comfortable (think: no solicitation, emotionally intelligent facilitation, exercises that focus on our shared visions for change, and discussions that help us identify our common challenges). So far we've heard such positive feedback (and lots of changes to practice!) from both sides about the value of being together to discuss the bigger picture. This is a space for learning, collaboration, inspiration and support - not promotion or assessment.  

How long is the Fellowship held for?

The learning programme we have designed is 6 months long, but access to the Fellowship will be an ongoing thing beyond the first 6 months. Fellows can stay part of the Fellowship throughout their careers as Alumni for just £10/month, and as their needs and interests evolve. 60% of our Fellows love the community so much they decide to stay on the programme as Alumni! 

What is the time commitment for the Fellowship? 

We recommend allowing about 4-8 hours per month to make the most of the content and activities, but this will vary from month to month, and depend on how much you want to do. This time will be flexible, all sessions will be recorded, and some activities are self-led.

Can I have a payment plan? 

Yes, we offer monthly payment plans - please email [email protected] to request one. 

How have current Fellows found the programme? 

Feedback from our current Fellows shows huge improvements in: confidence in their abilities, energy and motivation for their role, connection to other fundraisers, and feeling more empowered to change the funding system overall. You can also hear directly from Fellows about their experience in this podcast we recorded!